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  • City: Chicago, USA
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I'm a 22 year old able to fluently speak Romanian, Russian, English, and French. As part of my 3 year program I obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Twente with Honours in Mathematics, as well as a minor in Robotics from INSA Lyon.

I have had experience working in the aerospace and robotics industry over the course of 2 summers, and during my Minor in France I undertook a research project designing swarm robots that would use coloured LEDs to exchange information.

I am currently pursuing a masters in robotics at Northwestern University and on track to graduate by December 2022. During this time I am honing my skills as an engineer in the areas of interest listed below.


• JavaScript
• Dart/Flutter
• Python
• C
• C++
• OpenCV
• aircrack-ng
• Soldering
• Ubuntu/Kali Linux


Embedded Systems

Cyber-Physical Security

Swarm Robotics

Human-Robot Interaction

Internet of Things

Web 3.0

Rapid Prototyping

Autonomous Mobile Robots


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