Hype Hat

Project information

The hype hat is the result of the capstone project at Northwestern for the microprocceser design class. The hat is a wearable that was developed with the Microbit v2 microprocceser. Normally the proccesor is written to using python, however the the controller was rewritten to take c code. The goal of the project was to create an interactive wearable that could be used for sport events, parties, and any other social gatherings.

The main peripherals used for the project were an adafruit LED matrix, a light sensor, a sound sensor, and buttons that were a part of the microbit. The hat is able to respond to multiple inputs that allows for users to change the text displayed, as well as the colours and their intensities. One of buttons allow the user to cycle through a list of available texts which can be modified by the user. The other button takes a decibel reading and then changes the color of the matrix based on how loud the ambient noise is. If the noise is really loud the text turns more red, while if it quite it tends to a green hue. Finally the light sensor is a passive sensor that adjusts the intensity of the RGB matrix. To save battery, if the room is dark the matrix dims, while if it is bright the light becomes brighter.